Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls split 7″

Split 7" single from two of the best bands around

Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls split 7"

I love split singles. They're a great way of discovering new bands as typically I buy one based on one of the bands being a favourite of mine. I'd never heard too many Bouncing Souls songs before Hot Water Music are simply awesome so I thought it would be a good intro to the Souls.

This split single involves the two bands doing covers of each others songs. Hot Water Music do a version of 'True Believers'  from the 2001 album 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' while Bouncing Souls do their take on 'Wayfarer' from the album 'Caution'.

The single itself has been done in a few different pressings and colours:

1st pressing:

  • 500 copies on Black & Silver Vinyl
  • 500 copies on Black & Silver Vinyl w/ Red Splatter
  • 500 copies on  Black & Grey Vinyl
  • 500 copies on  Black & Grey Vinyl w/ Red Splatter
  • 1000 copies on Black & Red Vinyl

2nd pressing

  • 1000 copies on White Vinyl w/ Red & Black Splatter
  • 1000 copies on Red Vinyl w/ Black & White Splatter

3rd pressing

  • 500 copies on White & Baby Pink w/ Baby Blue Splatter
  • 500 copies on White & Baby Blue w/ Baby Pink Splatter

4th pressing

  • 200 copies on Clear Vinyl w/ Yellow Splatter (Chunksaah Mailorder)
  • 150 copies on Clear Vinyl w/ Red Splatter
  • 150 copies on Clear Vinyl w/ Blue Splatter
  • 500 copies on Clear Vinyl w/ Green Splatter (Retail)

Credit chunksaah for the above information.

The sleeve is black paper with shiny embossed logos of the band to give it some visual clout.

If you're familiar with the songs before listening to this, you're not gonna gain that much. The Bouncing Souls version is sung with too much clarity, it really needs that gruff, gravelly voice of Chuck Ragan and sounds a bit limp without those characteristics. It's almost meandering which means the original version is superior.

HWM's version of True Believers is a bit more raw, which is probably what you'd expect and out of the two it's a better cover.

This release isn't great but it's still a decent listen and there's a few different colour variations to keep the most obsessed collectors busy for a while.





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