Halo Fauna – Durak

Awesome indie/folk punk from Halo Fauna

Halo Fauna - Durak

Halo Fauna are a three-piece band from Buffalo/Brooklyn. Their mixture of folk, indie and punk has drawn lots of fans in America and singer Eric Ayotte has been in more projects than I have records.

This pressing of Durak has been co-released by two labels: Dead Broke Rekerds (catalogue number DBR-026) and Salinas Records (catalogue number SAL-029).

The record is pressed on purple/pink splattered vinyl but it also has white, blue, green and black mixed it. It's a wonderful looking record. There's also a green splattered vinyl version but there has only been 230 of this record pressed in total.

Halo Fauna - Durak - InnerThe sleeve is on thick card stock with a fantastic Kristine Virsis image on the front; a half-finished drawing, with only the check shirt of the girl completed. There's a Bansky-style pigeon perched on her shoulder but her face, long wavy hair and hands still exist as outlines. One side of the inner has the lyrics to each song, plus credits for both Salinas Records and Dead Broke Rekerds as well as the members of the band. The other side features another larger image from the artist. The inner sleeve is a standard white rounded die-cut sleeve.

Track listing

Side 1

  1. Discourse
  2. Rehashing Descartes
  3. Exposure, Processing, and Recording
  4. Futility and Familiarity
  5. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

​Side 2

  1. Clay vs. United States
  2. Blame a Bird For Your Shortcomings
  3. Infamous Apology
  4. Desperado Plunge

This is an absolutely brilliant record, both in it's looks and it's musical content. The songs are sincere, the melodies are infectious and the off-pitch lyrics give it a real passionate feel. It's not over-produced, there's a rawness that comes across in the recording. It almost sounds like it's been recorded in a practice space rather than a studio. There's just a hint of distortion in the guitar (it's almost clean) and the steady bass and drums add to the stripped down sound. Without a doubt, this is a 5 star album and I urge you to buy it.

[youtube_sc url=R0PVc47o5zw width=430]

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  1. Liking the vibes of this record….Very DIY production….can hear the separation of the tracks, which is unusual in modern day records and has something quite early 90s college rock about it – Wasn’t expecting the sound of the record based on the folky style sleeve!

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