Nirvana – Bleach

Green titled sleeve variation for the Brazilian market

Nirvana - Bleach Brazilian Cover

I won't bore you with the intricacies (although I could) of Nirvana, their world-changing front man Kurt Cobain or details of their debut album Bleach which was released on Sub Pop in 1989. You've all heard it. You all know 'About A Girl' is a love song written about Kurt's then-gielfriend Tracy Marander. You've all heard the band's first single 'Love Buzz' (and I hope you've read my review of it!) and screamed 'Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more' along to the brilliant 'Negative Creep'.

What you probably haven't seen before is a Brazilian copy of the LP that was released in 1992. So, here it is.

I bought this about two years ago, it didn't cost a lot (I thought anyway) considering what I assumed was a record you're just not going to see very often. Not quite once in a lifetime but not far off. The first thing you'll notice is that the sleeve titles are in green. The track listing on the reverse is too, but the credits remain white. Sharp-eyed Nirvana collectors will know that Waterfront Records in Australia pressed coloured vinyl copies of Bleach with sleeves that had titles printed in red, blue and yellow (as well as 2-colour version of these sleeves -with an added purple one – and a 1992 tour green pressing). The rear of the sleeve has 'Printed in Brazil' just next to the Sub Pop and Geffen logos and has a strapline after the usual '$600' notes. It reads:


Nirvana - Bleach Brazilian Rear Sleeve Credits

Distributed by BMG Ariola then! The sleeve has a rounded spine and has the 'GEF-24433' catalogue number at the top.

Nirvana - Bleach Brazilian labelThe record comes in a semi-transparent inner sleeve with a cut label hole on one side. The labels have large Geffen Records logos and track listings for each side. Each track though, has a number next to it that I have no idea what they mean. For example, the side 1 labels starts:

'1. Blew 64523730 3:00'
'2. Floyd The Barber 64523748 2:17' and so on…

3:00 and 2:17 are the respective durations but the other large number is a mystery to me. If you know what it's for, leave a comment! The 'CGC' number from the credits is also present on the labels, as well as the BMG code – 170.8067.

The vinyl itself is typical 1992 fayre, pretty standard stuff. It plays fine and show no signs of over play. The sleeve also is in excellent condition and shows no signs of it's long journey from Brazil to Staffordshire! 

So there you go. A little bit about this Brazilian pressing and what to look out for if you see one! Expect to pay anywhere from £50-£150 depending on condition.


Track listing

Side 1

  1. Blew        
  2. Floyd The Barber        
  3. About A Girl        
  4. School        
  5. Love Buzz        
  6. Paper Cuts

Side 2

  1. Negative Creep        
  2. Scoff        
  3. Swap Meet        
  4. Mr. Moustache        
  5. Sifting


Side 1 – BMG 170.8067_A GEF.24433_A ··· ISTA1

Side 2 – BMG 170.8067_B GEF.24433_B · ISAA2.

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