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Spanish copy of Nevermind – the album that started it all

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As today is the 20th anniversary since the death of Kurt Cobain, I thought it would be fitting that I review one of my (several) copies of Nevermind, the album that started it all. Not only the once-in-a-generation shift in the global musical landscape but the album that truly awoke the musical monster in me. This review is of a recently purchased Spanish copy of the seminal 1991 album by Seattle's finest.

We all know the impact this album had. People talk about knowing where they were when Kennedy was shot; I remember where I was when I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit – the song that had such a profound impact on so many people. Ironic that the band grew to hate the track. I first heard SMTS on Top of the Pops – that classic performance where Kurt mimes (not showing much subtlety) along in protest at being told by the producers of the show that the track could not be performed live. The next day, I gave my Dad what few coins I had and asked him to make up the difference and buy me a copy of the album. He did and that, as they say, is history. To this day, Nirvana are my favourite band (although a couple run them real close) and I can't believe it's been 20 years since I heard that fateful radio news snippet telling the world what it had feared for a couple of weeks. He was gone and I was a broken 13 year old, wandering the streets, trying to figure it all out.

Anyway on to the record.

Nirvana - Nevermind - labelThis is one of two Spanish variants of Nevermind, known amongst collectors as the 'Iberofon' pressing. The other Spanish pressing is known as the 'Eurogram' pressing. Eurogram was a small pressing plant owned by Polygram Records. Whilst they were trying to setup an independent plant, they ran out of money and the only machines they kept were the pressing machines. Iberofon created all of the acetates, master, mother and father plates as well as the labels. When Iberofon was busy, Eurogram took up some of the strain and pressed some records there. Eurogram-specific master plates were created for records pressed at Eurogram (hence the different matrix codes) but the sleeves are identical between Iberofon and Eurogram pressings.

The matrix codes for each pressing are:
Side 1 – GEF-24425-4 IN3-DMM 
Side 2 – GEF-24425-B IN3-DMM

Side 1 – 850 GEF 24425 = *A*1
Side 2 – 850 GEF 24425 = *B*2

The Iberofon pressing also came with a 12" lyrics sheet, although this contains several spelling mistakes! The Eurogram pressing does not have this. The labels have their differences too; the Iberofon pressing has 'Nevermind' and the tracklisting in italics, whereas all of the text on the Eurogram label isn't. The Iberofon pressing also has a 'Desposito Legal' message on the left-hand side and 'Cara A' on the right; the Eurogram pressing sticks to '1' and '2'. The Eurofon pressing also features a Sub Pop logo on its label.

The inner is the same as the UK pressing with the addition of a small piece of text at the bottom of one side: 'Impreso por INDUGRAF MADRID, S.A. Alcorcon, Madrid'. The outer sleeve also had Spanish credits on it as the image below shows.

nirvana-nevermind-spanish-coverNirvana - Nevermind - sleeve detail

Overall, this copy is in excellent condition. The only thing letting it down is there's two splits in the inner sleeve. I guess my 'near mint' isn't the same as everyone else's. Still, it's a welcome addition to the collection (I now have 12 copies of Nevermind on vinyl). Need to get the Eurogram pressing next. Don't tell the missus.


Side 1

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. In Bloom
  3. Come As Your Are
  4. Breed
  5. Lithium
  6. Polly

Side 2

  1. Territorial Pissings
  2. Drain You
  3. Lounge Act
  4. Stay Away
  5. On A Plain
  6. Something In The Way


Side 1 – GEF-24425-4 IN3-DMM
Side 2 – GEF-24425-B IN3-DMM

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