Bad Blood Revival – Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots

Green vinyl LP in handmade sleeve – 10 only!

Front cover and record for Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots

Every now and again, I’ll take a random punt on a record. I won’t know the artist, any of the songs and I won’t have looked them up on YouTube. It’s almost like a cleansing. Forget everything you know and start again. Sometimes it pays off and you’ve discovered an amazing band, sometimes it doesn’t and you move on. Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots was a punt.

And it paid off.

I saw this Bad Blood Revival LP on Brassneck Records, a site I stumbled upon recently, who sell various vinyl pieces from labels such as Dead Broke Rekerds and Surfin’ Ki Records. I’d never heard of Bad Blood Revival before but I like vinyl released in small numbers so everything about this LP screamed ‘buy me!’

Handmade sleeve – cool. Only 10 released – cooler. Lo-fi grungy garage punk – awesome.

Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots rear sleeve
Number 2 of 10 released

First of all, the fold-out (open on three sides) handmade sleeve. This is the first LP with a handmade sleeve that I’ve brought. I’m sure the ‘Bad Blood Revival’ and ‘Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots’ is handwritten in magic marker and the image in the centre of the sleeve is stuck on. Same with the reverse. This copy is number 2 of the 10 released (what pressing plant would do a run of 10?) – this again is handwritten and there’s a smaller ‘live’ picture stuck on. However, it gets more interesting when you open it out. It seems the sleeve is a bastardised Gaslight Anthem sleeve turned inside out. It even has the original glue on it! At least one other copy of the 10 released has the same sleeve. The Gaslight Anthem suck so these guys scored extra points for this.

I was starting to like this band more and I’d still not heard one bar by them.

Inside is a piece of yellow A4 paper with a few notes about when and where Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots was recorded, the band members and contact info for Dead Broke Rekerds and Sweet Dreams Records. The record itself is fairly standard – clear green vinyl, green labels with the tracklist written in silver.

I wanted to know a little more about the LP so I got in touch with Scott at Brassneck to see if he could give me a bit more information. Here’s what he said…

“‘Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots’ was released in 2009. It was co-released between the US labels Dead Broke Rekerds and Sweet Dreams Records. There was only 1 vinyl pressing of this LP and the breakdown of the colours was 447 black vinyl copies and 110 clear green vinyl copies. These were all released in a standard green handmade sleeve with the same design as the one you now own. In early 2012 the remaining green vinyl copies of this LP (10 of them) were put into new white sleeves and hand-numbered out of 10. Brassneck got 6 of these 10 copies. The remaining 4 were sold in the US via Dead Broke Rekerds. The album was also available on CD (again with the green colour sleeve). Just to clarify… there was only 1 pressing, just a couple of different sleeves. You actually bought the last copy I have in store and I can’t remember if all of them were Gaslight Anthem sleeves (although the copy I kept for myself is). “

A4 inner sheet from the Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots LP by Bad Blood Revival
A4 inner sheet from the Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots LP by Bad Blood Revival

So there you go, mystery solved. There wasn’t a run of 10, they were left over from the original release in 2009. Smart that the band/labels just recycled them in different sleeves.

The music

Enough babbling. What’s the music like?

In a nutshell, pretty good. If I had to describe the Bad Blood Revival sound it would be ‘distorted, sludgey, garage noise punk’ with obvious influences from The Butthole Surfers and The Melvins. There’s bits of early Sonic Youth and early Nirvana in there for me as well. The opener, Kindling, starts with an ominous bass line which is quickly joined by a few kicks of the bass drum before the rest of the crunching guitar comes in. The opening bars could easily be an old pre-Bleach Nirvana demo. With howling, almost indecipherable lyrics the song powers on in all it’s lo-fi glory. The breakdown around the two-minute mark almost sounds Black Sabbath-y which then leads into the strings of the lead guitar being abused to breaking point before the song reaches the end. A great opener and one of the better songs on the album.

The standout song for me though is track two –  ‘Bitter Pill’. A bit quicker than Kindling, there’s massive Sonic Youth/Mudhoney parallels here and the rest of the album  continues in the same vein. Architectural Pop is pure noise – distortion, feedback and reverb in spades – the only real tune is provided by the bass but it’s one of my favourites. An abrupt ends leads to the end of side 1.

There’s no letting up. Red Flood smacks you in the face, Dirge Scene isn’t great but gives you a bloody nose and Cactus’s metal-like solo towards the end puts you on your back.

If I had criticism of the album it would that it does sound a bit same-y and the songs seem to mash into one. It’s also short but at least that gives me a reason to hunt some more of their stuff out. Overall though, I’m pretty pleased that I’ve discovered these guys.


  1. Kindling
  2. Bitter Pill/Aging Punk
  3. Talking to You Blues
  4. Architectural Pop
  5. Red Flood
  6. Dirge Scene
  7. Cactus’s
  8. Feral Quarter

Check out Kindling on YouTube:

[youtube_sc url=”” modestbranding=”1″]

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