Saves The Day – Stay What You Are

10th anniversary reissue on clear/smoke black vinyl.

Saves The Day - Stay What You Are

You know those awesome label CD’s you used to be able to pick up for a fiver that had 20 tracks on, 19 of which were from bands you’ve never heard of? That’s how I first heard Saves The Day.

The CD in question was one of the ‘Another Year on the Streets’ compilations from Vagrant Records, the haunt of Alkaline Trio. I picked it up from the much-missed Tempest Records in Birmingham. The Saves The Day track was ‘At Your Funeral’ from their forthcoming album, ‘Stay What You Are’. I don’t know why I loved it, I just did. I wasn’t into emo, I wasn’t pining for an ex-girlfriend and I hadn’t recently gone through a bad break up. I didn’t want to end it all. (That’s emo, right?)

I pre-ordered the CD after a few listens (again from Tempest) and loved every track. This is one of my favourite albums, packed with melodies and subtleties  perfect emo-punk-pop tunes. It flies by (always a good sign in my opinion).

Vinyl detail from Stay What You Are reissue
Vinyl detail from Stay What You Are reissue

I picked up this clear/smokey black splatter reissue LP recently and it’s just like listening to a familiar friend. Remastered for the 10th anniversary of the initial release, it comes with a full colour insert complete with lyrics on one side and a few band pics on the other. You have an album you know the words to from start to finish and always will, don’t you? This is one of those. I love splatter vinyl pressings but I’ve never seen on that’s clear with small pieces of black thrown in. It’s a fairly standard album in terms of overall package but it’s the music that stands out. ‘At Your Funeral’ and ‘Nightingale’ are standout tracks that fans of this album point to, but my favourite is Jukebox Break’. The lead riff is awesome and it’s one of those that sticks in your head. In my opinion, the song is about how the guy is trying everything to be perfect in order for this girl to get with him.

I’ll run down to the river and grab five buckets of water / Wait right there where you are and I will serve you at your table / I hope you like my restaurant and the lighting is right

How do you carry 5 buckets of water? Is he trying the impossible? Or is it just a song about not conforming to what people expect you to be. Either way it’s an awesome song on an awesome album and everyone should have this in their collection.


  1. At Your Funeral
  2. See You
  3. Cars & Calories
  4. Certain Tragedy
  5. Jukebox Breakdown
  6. Freakish
  7. As Your Ghost Takes Flight
  8. Nightingale
  9. All I’m Losing Is Me
  10. This Is Not An Exit
  11. Firefly

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