Unfun – Caroline EP

Limited run 7" EP from Vancouver's Unfun

Unfun Caroline 7" EP cover

Caroline is the fifth single to be released by Vancouver's Unfun and the first one released on Dead Broke Rekerds (DBR079). If you're into your sludge-filled melodic punk, these are the band for you. Rough, raw and regretful, the opener Caroline clocks in at 8 minutes. Whilst some way off Crass' 20 minute 'Yes Sir, I Will' and NOFX's 18-minute 'Decline', it's still some going. However, they need every second to empty themselves of all the devestation, hate and emotion this girl has brought. The lyrics to this song are almost indescipherable because there's so much distortion on everything. The vocals are a bit too low in the mix though and I struggled to hear them on first listen. However, you will reach for the lyric sheet on subsequent plays because the song is so, so good. There's feedback, amplifier hum, string scrape and one hell of a hook. The three tracks on the b-side are from the now sold-out 'Shallow Graves' EP that was released in 2011 on Not Shy of DIY and Drunken Sailor. Each of these is slightly less melodic than Caroline but still full of desperate lyrics and distorted vocals, full of regret and desperation.

Unfun Caroline label

There are two versions of this EP; there's this issue that comes in a black, white and gold sleeve which was limited to 425 copies and there are 75 copies released with clear transparent sleeves. The sleeve artwork from the regular release is printed on clear plastic over a plain card cover. The card colours vary across green, yellow, orange, pink and red card. 

Both versions come with a single sided lyric sheet and an MP3 download slip. The labels give you some indication of what to expect. The side 1 labels reads, 'yo, play this shit, FUCKING LOUD' and the side 2 labels follows with 'or… GET THE FUCK OUT'. Can't really argue with that can you? I'm not sure if there was a fault when pressing this record as there are three dings on the label but they each seem hollow as if the dings are in the vinyl. Be interesting to see if other copies of this record have the same issue.

Side 1 matrix – DBR-079 A CAROLINE [heart] Lucky machine stamp

Side 2 matrix – DBR-079 B "DIG IT SHALLOW, NOT DEEP…" Lucky machine stamp

Track listing

Side 1

  1. Caroline

Side 2

  1. Shallow Graves
  2. Self Medicated
  3. Unglued

Listen to the entire EP below. You won't regret it.



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