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6 track various artists 7" from Speedowax Records

Cover of Speedowax Records - Various Artists - ATOM017

This 7" came into my collection from another fruitful trip to Tempest Records in Birmingham. I started to get on speaking terms with one of the young guys who worked there and recommended this record as I was buying some Snuff 7"s. "Like Snuff?, You'll love this." One of the six bands featured on this Speedowax Records release was Southport, who featured guitarist Simon Wells in their line-up. Wells had left Snuff when they broke up around 1991. 

Speedowax Records - Various Artists hand numbered sleeveSpeedowax Records are an independent label in the West Midlands and have released over 60 records and have worked with The Ataris and the awesome Broccoli in the past. It's obvious that the guys who run the label are record -people, not just music people. This canary yellow 7" (catalogue number ATOM017) was first released in 2001 and 525 were copies pressed. There are 100 copies that were hand-numbered for mail orders. I have one of these 100 (number 93) but wasn't mail ordered. The sleeve is a typical DIY release sleeve; yellow wrap-around paper with red print and label information on the reverse. There has been a recent 'issue' of it with a different sleeve from the leftover records from the initial run.

The Fishtake track is pounding punk with a mean riff but it's a fairly straightforward song. The female-fronted Luna.Suit follows suit (no pun intended). Scuttle have the most stripped-down raw song on the record with vicious vocals fighting with the drums for top billing.

The Southport song is the best in my opinion but the quality of the Fishtake song make it a close run thing. There's obvious Snuff comparisons, fast-paced 3-chord verses with a melodic chorus and backing vocals. The song is taken from their 2000 album 'Nothing Is Easy'. The Scarper song is regret-laden, with the line 'I thought you were my friend' featuring throughout. Eighty Six's contribution is slower than the previous tracks on side 2 and laments of missed exes and sounds like a rough Yellowcard song.

Overall this is a great release from the kind of label that should be supported more.

Track listing

Side 1​

  1. Fishtake – Stone Cold Blue
  2. Luna.Suit – A Million Questions
  3. Scuttle – New Scars

Side 2

  1. Southport – Fallen On Your Feet
  2. Scarper – The Pushover
  3. Eighty Six – Distance

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