Midget – Alco-pop!

10" mini-album from Lincolnshire indie trio

Midget - Alco-pop!

I used to hate Midget. My friend Ian used to (and still does) love them. He used to play me their songs over and over again when we were 17. To me, the music sounded alright, it was the singer that used to needle me. I used to call it ''A' Level music', and often did mock songs in the style of singer Richie Gumbault about maths exams and the fact that ceramics were brittle (which was and still is the only fact I learned in preparation for my Chemistry GCSE). He sounded too posh to be the singer of a band.

I can't exactly remember when they played the Red Rose in Rugeley but we all went along, Ian acting like it was Christmas. By this time, I had started to come round to their better songs, in particular, 'Invisible Balloon'. We watched them play and then met them all 'backstage' which was effectively a corridor behind the stage. Me being a record collector and general merchandise buyer brought a couple of CDs and this 10" 9-track EP. It has the words 'Mini Album' on the front; I guess they felt 9 tracks was too short to be an album but too long to be an EP. Anyway, the band duly signed all of our purchases which was very kind of them. They had a much larger following in Japan, and although they're still going (just) they haven't released anything in ages.

Released in 1997 on Radar Records (TINYMLP5), this record contains some decent tunes. The b-side tails off a bit, but the first three tracks of the a-side (Kylie and Jason, Why Have Cotton? and Camouflage) more than make up for it. It's numbered (this copy is number 35) and is on standard black vinyl. There's a colour inner with lyrics on one side and details of earlier CD singles that were released in 1997 on the other. There's also a yellow vinyl issue as well but I'm not sure if it's a reissue or just a colour variant of this one.

If you manage to find a copy, and a fiver should get you one, it's worth picking up.

Track listing

Side 1

  1. Kylie and Jason
  2. Why Have Cotton?
  3. Camouflage
  4. The Pop Song
  5. So Damn Creepy

Side 2

  1.  Silly Little Rich Cow
  2. Welcome Home Jellybean
  3. Wendyhouse
  4. Parting Shot




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