Permanent Clear Light – Higher Than The Sun

New 7" single from Finland's finest psych band

Permanent Clear Light - Higher Than The Sun

Permanent Clear Light are Finland's premier psych band. Formed in 2009, its members have deep roots in the Finnish psychedelic scene. This latest 7" was released in October 2012 on Fruits de Mer's Regal Crabomophone label and features the new track 'Higher Than The Sun' plus an homage to Van der Graaf Generator's 'Afterwards' from their 1969 album 'Aerosol Grey Machine'.

The title-track is an uplifting, euphoric tale of being on a higher plane but having that feeling of insignificance at the same time. You could probably have inferred that from the title though. The songs reeks of Pink Floyd with an awesome lead guitar break as the song reaches it's spiralling cosmic, Tangerine Dream-like conclusion. The Van der Graaf Generator cover is a good interpretation of the original and doesn't offend like some covers can.

Permanent Clear Light - Higher Than The Sun bundleWhat really makes this record stand out is the packaging. This whole site is more about the physical product than the music and it's these releases from Fruits de Mer that put them apart from other labels. To go along with the multi-tiered sound of the songs, they've put this record out not only with a 3D sleeve but a free 3D poster of the cover image, which has been provided by Nasa! They've even included a pair of 3D glasses with every copy. You can't argue with that. I can't remember the last time I wore 3D glasses (and not those lame cinema ones) and it's so refreshing that a label run on such a short budget is thinking about things like this. As the side 1 matrix says, 'You can't do this with a download'.

The record itself is limited to 800 copies and comes in two colour variations, lilac (with a hint of marbling) and orange; this lilac version looks absolutely fantastic and is whisper quiet.

Fruits de Mer are consistently releasing high quality songs by high quality bands from the prog/psych/krautrock scene and this release should be in everyone's collection. If you're into Floyd, get this.

Buy Higher Than The Sun from Fruits de Mer.

Track listing / Matrixes

Side 1

  1. Higher Than The Sun / 93611 1A WINKLE 7  YOU CAN'T DO THIS WITH A DOWNLOAD

Side 2

  1. Afterwards / 93611 1B WINKLE 7

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