Peter Parker’s Rock N Roll Club – Straight To Vinyl

Debut LP on transparent red vinyl – 300 only!

Peter Parkers Rock n Roll Club

I reviewed the debut single from Peter Parker's Rock N Roll Club a few weeks back and overall it struck a chord. Dripping with 60's influences, the raw, stripped back nature of the merseybeat-style tunes was something different in my record collection. In fact, I'd like to listen to it a few more times, except it has been 'acquired' by my Dad and I have no hope of getting it back. This debut LP, 'Straight To Vinyl', released on Those Old Records (TOR001) is going to go the same way, so I'm writing this now before I lose it forever!

First of all, I think the band have matured a lot since their debut single and this is reflected in the album. The songs are tighter, with more depth and even a bit more 'soul' (or that could be attitude depending on your view). I said in the review of the single that you can imagine the band featuring in those screaming teenage girl-filled videos from a night at The Cavern. Again, this is the first thought from listening to the album, but now they're slowly making their way up the bill. They're actively touring (when they can) and have a slot lined up in-store at Those Old Records before playing the Lichfield Fuse festival in July. They've also got a 4-track EP lined up for Record Store Day.

Both tracks off the single feature on the record, along with 12 other slices of rock and roll goodness. After only a couple of plays, the songs become recognisable and have that 'stuck in your head' quality, particularly 'Mona Lisa', 'Easy To Please' and my favourite, 'Rockin & Rollin'.

The record itself was recorded direct to vinyl (as the title suggests) in single live takes at Lewis Durham's vintage recording studio in the Riflemaker Gallery, Beak Street, Soho, London. The tracks were cut by a 1930's vinyl cutting lathe previously owned by MGM studios and mixed in glorious mono on the same model of mixing desk used at Sun Studios in the 40s and 50s. You can get a real flavour of this band just from these details.

Peter Parkers Rock n Roll Club flipback sleeveThe sleeve is printed on hi-gloss stock and there has been a conscious decision to even have flipbacks on the rear to keep that authentic 60s feel. The anti-static inner (more anti-static inners please indie labels!) house the heavyweight, 180g transparent red record. You can tell there's been real care in producing the record to the highest quality given the budget available. The record sits perfectly flat on my humble Rega turntable and there's only the slightest hint of low static noise in between tracks.

There has been only 300 of these red vinyl copies pressed and due to the band's rising profile, they're running out fast. So fast in fact, that a black vinyl second pressing is already on it's way. There are no CDs or downloads available for this album, so get one while you can!

If you're into early Stones and Kinks, this is definitely a record you should pick up and at £15 (basically £1 a track!) you can't go far wrong.

Track list

Side 1

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Woman, Gonna Be Your Man
  3. Lonely In This House Of Love
  4. This Is A Call On Line-One
  5. Money To Burn
  6. Multiple Sexuality
  7. Rockin & Rollin

Side 2

  1. Easy To Please
  2. My Woman
  3. Bad Girl
  4. X-Rated
  5. Mr DeVille
  6. No Self Control
  7. Get Rich Quick


Side 1 – 104837E1/A

Side 2 – 104837E2/A

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