Peter Parker’s Rock n Roll Club ‎– Woman, Gonna Be Your Man

60's infused power pop from one of England's brightest bands

Peter Parker's Rock n Roll Club

As much as I like owning records that have nice packaging, lyric inner sleeves, posters and the like, there's also a certain satisfaction from owning something that's low-budget or handmade. This 2011 7" from Peter Parker's Rock n Roll Club fits into the latter category. These guys are enjoying some critical success at the minute. Gideon Coe has picked up on them and played the opening track form their album 'Straight To Vinyl' on his show recently and they've got a decent sized following in Germany where a journalist from Rolling Stone magazine played no less than four album tracks on his show on Radio Eins.

Peter Parker's Rock n Roll Club labelBoth these tracks have a definite early Rolling Stones vibe with a little bluesy Merseybeat sound to it and the simple two chord melody from 'Woman, Gonna Be Your Man' gives the song a toe-tapping feel. Recorded at Lewis Durham's studio in Soho, the three-piece keep the sound stripped down; one vocalist/guitarist, one bass and a drummer reliant on a snare and bass drum, they keep that 60's garage/blues rock sound alive. 

The b-side follows on, a bit more 60's power-pop than the first track and could quite easily be a lost Beatles demo. You know those brilliant black and white videos you see on YouTube of those Beatles-era bands with the teenagers twisting to the latest pop sensation? You can quite easily fit this song to one of those videos. For me, it's the better of the two tracks.

This 7" was released by Feed That Baby (catalogue number FTB 00200) and was limited to 250 copies, in a plain white die-cut inner sleeve with a numbered sticker on the (white) label. It also comes with press release and black and white photograph of the band. The sleeve, isn't really a sleeve; it's simply a one-sided piece of 7" square paper!

Get on this band now as they're gonna be big.

Track listing / matrixes

Side 1

  1. Woman, Gonna Be Your Man / 111128 A1 KM WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS

Side 2

  1. Easy to Please / 111128 B1 KM

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  1. Nice review. A truly great band destined for big things. Check out their debut album “Straight To Vinyl” on the Those Old Records label. A limited edition release on red vinyl, there is also a Record Store Day EP out on April 20th. A band to watch.

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