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Snowy White - Bird of Paradise cover

Bird of Paradise by Snowy White is one of those songs that instantly transports me back to my childhood. I don't know the circumstances of how I first heard it; I just remember it from the various journeys my Dad, Uncle and myself went on to see one of my sporting heroes from the time – Dave Thorpe. Dave Thorpe was the world's greatest motocross rider and we used to travel the country watching him smash the competition to pieces. Our favourite venue was Hawkstone Park in Shropshire, with it's world-famous Hawkstone Hill and 'Honda Hole' (which was a sticky, deep sand pit and the site of the greatest motocross photo ever taken when Georges Jobe (spit) leapt above Andre Malherbe in 1984). It was on one of these trips that I first heard Bird of Paradise and instantly loved it.

Snowy White is best known for being the guitarist in Thin Lizzy for a couple of years and also a touring guitarist with Pink Floyd during the Animals and The Wall shows, as well as for this UK Top 10 chart single.

Released in 1983 on Towerbell Records (12 TOW 42), it reached number 6 in the UK charts and was the only song released as a single from the album 'White Flames'. The rest of the band were made up of Kuma Harada on bass, Geoffrey Wang (awesome name) on synths and Richard Bailey on drums. Harada is also credited with producing the single.

This copy is the standard UK 12" single, complete with sticker on the sleeve denoting "SPECIAL EXTENDED VERSION PLUS BONUS TRACK". There's a standard white inner sleeve and the record itself. Not much in terms of package but this is truly one of the greatest songs ever created. You can get this for 60p plus p&p on Discogs so if you've got a spare couple of quid, get this!


Side 1

  1. Bird of Paradise

Side 2

  1. The Answer
  2. Don't Turn Back


Side 1 – 12 TOW 42 A-1 tone DAMONT
Side 2 – 12 TOW 42 B-1

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