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9-track debut LP with bonus Peel Sessions 7"

Ash - Trailer - cover

Before Ash went shite, they were amazing. One of those childhood bands that got you through years of failed relationships, drunken, hazy nights talking complete garbage, trying to crack on to girls that you had no chance with. Aah, halcyon days. Ash accompanied me through my formative years as a teen. They helped me learn to play the guitar. They helped me realise that singing 'Uncle Pat' to a girl who'd had far too much to drink got guaranteed 'action'. They taught me that ditching my green hair didn't make me lose any of my grebo-ness.

Trailer was Ash's debut 9-track LP and was released in 1994 on Infectious Records (INFECT14LPX). Note the 'X' in that catalogue number. This denotes that the LP came with a free yellow vinyl 7" (INFECT14S) that had a couple of live Peel Session tracks (Silver Surfer and Jazz 59). The album itself launches into Ash's signature sound with the opener 'Season'. The massively distorted guitars of frontman Tim Wheeler, the pounding drums of Rick Wotshisname and the driving bass of Mark Hamilton. Alongside favourites such as 'Jack Names The Planets', 'Uncle Pat' and 'Petrol', the album whizzes by before you know it. No problem, just play it again. I have no idea who the two Dutch people are that have a couple of 'parts' in the album, apart from the fact they're credited as 'Oscar Wilde' and 'Patrick The Brewer'.

Ash - Trailer - labelThe album itself is the same as the regular release but with extra sticker on back and front. The barcode is on a sticker with the INFECT14LPX placed on top of the regular barcode. The 'Guaranteed Real Teenagers' on the reverse of the sleeve is a reference to what the band were known as during the early 90s. There's a sticker on front with information about the free 7". The LP is on standard black vinyl with black and white labels and comes in a black and white inner sleeve; one side contains a collage full of images of the band as well as more 'random' ones and the other side has the full lyrics to each of the 6 songs (there's 9 tracks but two of them are spoken and one's an instrumental). The yellow vinyl 7" comes in a plain black die-cut paper sleeve and has green labels and the tracks are taken from a Peel Session recording, originally recorded on 30th April 1994.

The album was re-released in 1995 with another free 7", this time it was their classic signature song 'Kung Fu' and had a different tracklisting to the original and again in 2003 on CD.


Side 1

  1. Season
  2. Message From Oscar Wilde and Patrick The Brewer
  3. Jack Names The Planets
  4. Intense Thing

Side 2

  1. Uncle Pat
  2. Message From Mr Waterman
  3. Get Out
  4. Petrol
  5. Oscure Thing


LP Side 1 – INFECT14LP A1

7" Side 2 – INFECT14S B1 DAMONT

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