Peter Baumann – Romance ’76

Debut solo album from one of the core members of Tangerine Dream

Peter Baumann Romance 76 - cover

Peter Baumann's first solo LP Romance 76 was released whilst he was still a member of Tangerine Dream, although he left the band in 1977 to further pursue his solo career. Baumann was part of Tangerine Dream when they were at their height between 1971 and 1977 with Edgar Froese and Chris Franke. It was this line-up that was captured in my second favourite Tangerine Dream LP, Encore which was recorded live in the US. He later set up his own record label putting out records from Suzanne Ciani and even Tangerine Dream themselves.

Peter Baumann Romance 76 - labelRomance 76 is instantly identifiable as Baumann. The songs are very similar to those he was involved in whilst with Tangerine Dream; shimmering synth melodies. So much in fact that they could be on albums like Encore or Stratosfear and you wouldn't know the difference. If you're a fan of these, you'll like side 1 at least. Side 2 is more experimental with mellotron and flute-like sounds and is firmly in the 'kosmische' era. Meadow Of Infinity features members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by H Baumann (no relation). Part one of this song was the only one recorded outside of Berlin.

There's nothing special about this UK copy – Robor printed sleeve, standard paper inner, 'Two Virgins' labels.

If you're a fan of mid-70s Tangerine Dream this is probably worth picking up if you can get one for between £5 and £8. It's not the greatest album ever and it's probably one for the collector. However it has enough about it for you to keep grabbing it off the shelf.


Track listing

Side 1

  1. Bicentennial Present
  2. Romance
  3. Phase By Phase

Side 2

  1. Meadow Of Infinity (Part 1)
  2. The Glass Bridge
  3. Meadow Of Infinity (Part 2)


Side 1 – V•2069•AI ARUN

Side 2 – V•2069•BI

Check out the title track

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