Peter Parker’s Rock N Roll Club – The EP

Limited edition 4-track 7" EP released for Record Store Day


Following on from their warmly received debut LP, Peter Parker's Rock N Roll Club released this 4-track EP, simply called 'The EP' on Those Old Records (TOR002). Released for Record Store Day, this blue vinyl 33-rpm 7" single was limited to 300 copies and the live tracks were recorded as part of the 'Soundyoucansee' Sessions.

The opener, 'Lonely In The House Of Love' was recorded at the location of the original Regent Sounds Studio, in one take on a ReVox G-36 reel-to-reel tape recorder in mono. This really shines through when playing the song, it has a real 'muddy' sound – that's not a criticism. It's refreshing that the band elected to go against the current technology that's available to them and keep the recording in the same authentic 60s tone as the songs themselves.

The other three songs were recorded live at The Macbeth in London and there is a clear difference in tone between the mono and stereo songs.

'Baby Don't Cry' has that added clarity that the stereo mix provides. The drums are punchier and the vocals really shine. It also has an infectious melody to it and is straight from the Merseybeat era. 'It's A Long Way To Go, (When You Rock & Roll)' reminds me of Caroline by Status Quo – the tune does anyway. 'This Is A Call On Line-One' starts off like 'Turn Turn Turn' by The Byrds and is very similar to the previous track. So similar in fact it's almost impossible to tell them apart.

The sleeve is printed on thick card stock and the front cover shows the band standing outside a record shop in Lewisham. The singer has gone up in my estimation as he's wearing the yellow and red Crown Paints away Liverpool shirt worn in the 87-88 season! The rear has another band pic, black and white this time, as well as tracklisting, thanks list and number. This copy is number 8 of 300. The record is in a plain white inner and is pressed on heavyweight blue vinyl.

Everything that this band has released is of a high quality. I am surprised that they're not bigger but they are getting some well-deserved recognition, notably from Ian Shirley of Record Collector magazine and Rolling Stone in Germany. If they're playing live near you, definitely check them out.


Side 1

  1. Lonely In The House Of Love
  2. Baby Don't Cry

Side 2

  1. It's A Long Way To Go, (When You Rock & Roll)
  2. This Is A Call On Line-One


Side 1 – 10670801/A
Side 2 – 10670802/A

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