The Green Question Mark – Pegasus EP

Fine 4-track psych EP from The Green Question Mark

The Green Question Mark - Pegasus - cover

Today's review features a 4-track 7" EP by psych collaborators 'The Green Question Mark' on the fledgling Mega Dodo label (MEP 2). The band consist of the wildly named Marrs Bonfire, Icarus Peel, Mordecai Smyth and Crystal Jacqueline. Just by those names, you get a flavour of what this EP is all about.

Marrs Bonfire hosts a weekly radio show on BayFM on Friday evenings in the Exmouth and Budleigh area of Devon and this Pegasus EP was released as a fund rasier to keep the radio station running. Marrs approached regular listeners, Peel, Smyth and Jacqueline for help and this was the result. Peel also doubles up as the producer.

The Green Question Mark - Pegasus - labelYou certainly get value for money with this EP; 15 minutes of classic psych tracks are squeezed in. The EP opens with the Stones track, 'She's A Rainbow' and is every bit as uplifting as the original, with Icarus Peel providing the infectious piano melody throughout. So far, so good. Next up is a version of the rare Syd Barrett track 'Lucy Leave'. Originally, this was recorded in 1965 by Pink Floyd but wasn't released until 1996. I've not heard the original, so can't really compare but seeing as this is the first time I've heard this, I'm impressed! There's some great guitar work by Mordecai Smyth. Side 2 opens with a swirling into to the Hollies track 'Pegasus'. I've got another cover of this track by Vespero on the Fruits de Mer Annual 2013 7" and two different cover versions you could not find. Whereas the Vespero track is a lot more moody, this version is a lot more 'optimistic', with an almost child-like wondrous nature to it. The last track, 'Elevator' is a cover of the song from London band, Grapefruit, who included the brother of Angus Young of AC/DC fame. Again, it's a cracking version with a fantastic guitar sound throughout.

This EP is limited to 250 copies and comes in a specially commissioned sleeve and is pressed on the greenest of green vinyl which plays perfectly. You also get a download code so you can download all four tracks in either MP3 or the vastly superior FLAC format.

The Green Question Mark - Pegasus - rearConsidering the relative size of the label to others that are putting out similar stuff, I'm amazed at the quality of the vinyl and the songs that are on this 7". It's also fantastic that Mega Dodo released this for a good cause too. This comes highly recommended. I must've played it over and over again for about an hour and a half!

You can still get copies of this direct from Mega Dodo for a measly £6. Have a listen to Lucy Leave below.


Side 1

  1. She's a Rainbow
  2. Lucy Leave

Side 2

  1. Pegasus
  2. Elevator


Side 1 – 104598H1/A
Side 2 – 104598H2/A


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