Mordecai Smyth – Dial M For Mordecai

4-track orange vinyl 7" limited to 250 copies

Dial M For Mordecail - cover

'Dial M For Mordecai' is the follow up 7" from 60s guitar pop group Mordecai Smyth. Released on Mega Dodo Records (MEP 1), this limited edition 7" contains 4 of the finest tracks that have been released this year.

Opener 'Dream On' is a wonderful floaty arrangement filled with daydreamy strings and guitar tones alongside a regimented drum beat which keeps the track flowing – a perfect summer song. 'Psychedelic Sarah' is more upbeat, a real swinging-sixties tune with a superbly tuneful chorus and backing vocals. It's very Monkees-esque with a little of The Hollies thrown in for good measure. Over to side 2.

'Dark Haired Douglas' ups the tempo again. Unfortunately, for me at least, this track sounds like it's straight off an Austin Powers soundtrack. It's not a bad song, far from it, the guitar isn't overly complicated and is effortless. 'Trapped' has a foot-tappingly addictive organ melody and the vocals sound like they've been recorded through either a phaser or chorus pedal, as they do on the other songs.

Dial M For Mordecail - rearOverall, it's another good release from the Berkshire group, following on from their acclaimed album 'Sticky Tape & Rust'. It's obvious the band have a great love for and knowledge of 60s guitar pop and they do more than just give a quick nod to their influences – of which many shine through.

Onto the record itself. The heavy card stock sleeve pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock which you could've probably guessed from the title of the EP. The rear of the sleeve contains track listings and a few notes that tell us that these tracks were amongst those recorded but not used on the album with a new single in mind. The orange vinyl is superb, a wonderful deep, bright colour with black and white labels. Side 1 is name the 'Dreamy Side' and side 2 name the 'Daymare side' – great stuff. It is limited to 250 copies and comes with a download code which gives you the choice of MP3 or FLAC formats as well as a bonus track – a cover of The Kinks' 'See My Friends'.

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy!

Track listing

Side 1

  1. Dream On
  2. Psychedelic Sarah

Side 2

  1. Dark Haired Douglas
  2. Trapped


Side 1 – 105879H1/A
Side 2 – 105879H2/A

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