The Fluid/Nirvana – Candy/Molly’s Lips

Split 7" single on Sub Pop on black vinyl

Nirvana Mollys's Lips - cover

Candy/Molly's Lips was released by Sub Pop (SP97) in January 1991 on vinyl only. Both tracks are live recordings – Molly's Lips is a cover of a song by Scottish band The Vaseline's. This song was recorded at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland, Oregon on February 9th 1990.

Nirvana Mollys's Lips - label

The song is rumoured to be about actress Molly Weir who played a witch in popular kids TV show, Rentaghost. Although the band didn't want to release it, it formed part of the split from Sub Pop and is in fact, the last single to be released on Sub Pop.

The Fluid track, Candy, first appeared on an EP of theirs that was released in 1990 called Glue. This is probably their most famous release, purely down to the exposure they got from being on a split with Nirvana!

Molly's Lips also featured on Incesticide, Nirvana's b-sides and outtakes album, although this version was recorded for the John Peel sessions. It was also played live countless times and the singer of The Vaseline's made a couple of appearances during live shows in England during 1991, notably Nirvana's first show at the Reading Festival.


Nirvana Molly's Lips - subscription card

The single was released in limited numbers (7500), with 4000 being on green vinyl and the remainder on black. The black vinyl version has been counterfeited but this is easily recognisible from an incorrect matrix (SP-97 A X and SP-97 B X). The green vinyl hasn't been faked. The sleeve is a three-sided wrap around cover with a detachable Sub Pop Singles Club foldout flap subscription card. This subscription card meant you got a limited edition 7" single each month, for a very reasonable $35! Some singles came with a Sub Pop sticker but exact numbers aren't known. The white die-cut paper inner sleeve houses a pretty bog standard record, with the familiar Sub Pop yellow and grey labels.

For a Nirvana collector, this single is pretty easy to come across with price ranging from £40-£70. The black one is cheaper, although it was pressed in fewer numbers.


Side 1

  1. The Fluid – Candy

Side 2

  1. Nirvana – Molly's Lips


Side 1 – SP-97-A Kdisc ch L-37037 LATER
Side 2 – SP-97-B Kdisc ch L-37037x LATER

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