Radiohead – Anyone Can Play Guitar

Scarce 3-track 12" single from Oxford Gods

Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar - cover

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And when I say Gods, I mean Gods. Radiohead are, quite simply, the greatest British band of my generation. Radiohead have consistently pushed the limits of their own press-assigned definition. People say they've got worse after The Bends. I just don't agree; they've kicked on in a big way. Even their lesser work is still amazing and as a live band, they're untouchable. But it's back to their roots we go with this review of the brilliant Anyone Can Play Guitar.

Anyone Can Play Guitar was the second single released from Radiohead's debut album, Pablo Honey. Although a standout track from the album, it made no impact on the chart but was more widely heard than the first single Creep, which had more success when it was re-released in 1993. 

radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar label

My Dad got me this record when it was released but unfortunately, the Brett who dearly loved his records and looked after them better than his own family was still a few years away. As a result, this copy is looking very batter, with bent corners and a couple of seam splits in both the outer and inner sleeve. The record doesn't fare much better – plenty of scratches – but at least it doesn't jump. If I were to grade this record, it would be firmly in the 'loved' category.

Anyway, there's not much to say about this record. There was a 12" promo released which is pretty rare (12RDJ 6333) but this issue (12R 6333) you can get for anywhere between £20-£40. I'm not aware of any other country having a 12" single released for this – there was an Australian and Spanish CD issue but I'm sure only the UK got a 12". The sleeve is pretty unspectacular apart from the humorous image of the baby with the 'googly' eyes on it and there's the obligatory 'I'm deliberately not looking into the camera' band pic on the rear along with the usual credits. The labels have inverted '45' and 'Trade Mark' logos along with a full length 'Parlophone' strip.

All in all, fairly standard really but this record is more about Radiohead and I starting on an unforgettable journey rather than it contributing to the pension fund. After all, value isn't just about money, right?


Side 1

  1. Anyone Can Play Guitar

Side 2

  1. Faithless, The Wonder Boy
  2. Coke Babies


Side 1 – 12 R 6333 A-01-01-1 SHALL I BRING ALL MY SHOES?
Side 2 – 12 R 6333 B-01-01-1

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