Tangerine Dream – Le Parc

1985 picture postcard LP from Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream - Le Parc - cover

My first introduction to Tenagerine Dream was via the short lived mid-eighties TV show Streethawk. I can remember religiously sitting down to watch this undercover secret agent do all sorts of crazy tricks on his motorbike, zooming through the streets of America and sorting out bad guys wherever possible. It was a sheer coincidence that my Dad and Uncle has a love of Tangerine Dream long before mine and my love for this band has grown ever since. The title music to Streethawk was a song called Le Parc and features on the album of the same name, although a lightly different version to the TV show version.

Tangerine Dream - Le Parc - labelLe Parc (HIP 26) was released in 1985 (Recorded and mixed in Jan/Feb 1985 in Berlin, Vienna and London) and is a deviation away from the longer tracks, trading these for much smaller, impactful songs around the 4-5 minute mark. As you'd expect from the album title, each song is a postcard-style snapshot from various parks around the world, including Central Park, New York and London's Hyde Park. This album was the last to feature Johannes Schmoelling, who would leave the band towards the end of 1985. The most famous song on the record is Tiergarten (this was also a B-side of the Streethawk 7"), and a video was produced for this track. As well as Le Parc being used for the Streethawk music, the track Central Park was the title music to a film with the excellent title of Diamond Ninja Force. 

Many fans view this album as a departure from their artistic nature, with smaller tracks that are more stylised that those on previous albums, with the exception of Exit. However, it does have it's highlights and is certainly worth a listen. Pink Floyd fans may also notice that a certain Clare Torry appears on the track Yellowstone Park.

The album artwork is designed, as usual, by Monica Frose and is of two inverted black and yellow umbrellas. Similar images appear on the rear of the sleeve alongside the tracklisting, a thanks list and a quote from Buddah. In temrs of package, it's sparse. There's a standard die-cut paper inner sleeve, er, and that's it. Le Parc was released by Jive Electro records in the UK and their hurrendous label designs are on show here; horrible, horrible blue and white things. They're just disgusting!

The album was also released in on LP in France, the US, Germany, Yugloslavia, Greece and Canada, with a later CD reissue in Japan.

You can pick this album up fairly cheaply depending on condition. I paid £10 for this copy but it's a strong EX+ with only very minor creasing to the spine and one or two spindle marks.

Here's the (very rare!) official video for Tiergarten.


Side 1

  1. Bois De Boulogne
  2. Central Park
  3. Gaudi Park
  4. Tiergarten
  5. Zen Garden

Side 2

  1. Le Parc
  2. Hyde Park
  3. The Cliffs of Sydney
  4. Yellowstone Park


Side 1 – HIP-26-A3
Side 2 – HIP-26-B

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